Cultural Projects Management

A cultural project raise on the head of people who dream and reflect. A successful implementation however, depends on project planning, proper administrations and specific management skills. This is the point Acalanto Productions helps support your project, we work in all project phases, providing expertise to implement your idea.

Music in Company

Different projects with the objective of bringing people together, improving the relationship with customers and with the community, reinforce internal communication and provide knowledge and intellectual activities to their employees.

Corporate Radio

It can be an in-company radio program or podcasting, the results are perceived inside and outside your company: brand, corporate identity and business messages will reach effectively the entire network.

By presenting an outstanding music, you will exceed your customer, guests and friends expectations that will not forget your brand and event.

We have a diverse casting of musicians to ensure a superior soundtrack on your event.

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Why choose Acalanto?

  • Transparency in management and accountability
  • Cultural Project Management Expertise
  • Focus on planning and control to ensures the result
  • Clear definition of objectives and scope
  • Continuous improvement to on process execution
  • Use of good publicity material for enhanced results

O que falam sobre nós

“Muito obrigada pelo trabalho de vocês! Todos elogiaram bastante e fez a diferença para o evento.”
Renata Barone, SOS Mata Atlântica
“Dois por Dois apresenta pérolas nacionais ao som de gaita e violão.”
Redação, Catraca Livre
“Os dois se juntaram no duo “Dois por Dois“, que tem esse nome porque eles se revezam em dois instrumentos: gaita (meu favorito!) e violão. E os dois músicos mandam bem demais em qualquer um deles.”
Cristina Castro, Blog da KikaCastro
“Super recomendo Acalanto Produções Musicais!! Conheci o trabalho deles num evento na faculdade onde estudei… fiquei maravilhada!! Muito bom!! Parabéns!!!.”
Silene Bitencourt, UNIFAI - Centro Universitário Assunção
“Dois por Dois apresenta pérolas nacionais ao som de gaita e violão.”
Redação, Catraca Livre
“A música me estimula, acho o volume ideal para quem precisa de encorajamento.”
Cesare Tubertine, Aluno da Ecofit Club
“Adoro a junção de gaita e violão, cria uma sonoridade que para mim é diferente e pouco comum de ouvir.”
Teresa Cecília, Produtora Teatral

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Live music makes your event memorable

Live music is a great program for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, gatherings, new year parties, trade show, conventions, cocktails, friends and business general meetings.

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