Composed by Vagner Cunha, “Concerto para Violão” had its first presentation last weekend at the Theatro São Pedro, in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre. The guitarist was accompanied by the Chamber Orchestra of Theatro São Pedro, under the baton of Antonio Carlos Borges Cunha.

The new composition of Vagner is a technical challenge even for the experienced guitarist, for whom it was written: Yamandú studied the masterpiece for about six months in constant dialogue with the composer, and considers the first minute and a half particularly difficult. With the duration of 30 minutes and five interconnected movements, the piece is one of the few in its format, dedicated to the seven string guitar. The references of the composer were the regional music of Rio Grande do Sul (land of both composer and musician) and Jewish Eastern European elements with which Vagner dialogues since 2013, the debut of Cunha’s “Concerto for Viola” premiered by OSESP, the Orchestra of the State of São Paulo.

Check part of rehearsal session prior to debut: