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Acalanto is a management agency based in São Paulo. We represent a cast of musicians in styles like Brazil Instrumental, Classical, Jazz, World Music.

Acalanto Projetos Criativos is a management agency based in São Paulo, Brazil. We work to promote Brazilian, World and Classical Music through the development of cultural projects with many partners: artists, government, arts associations and companies.

We are looking for long term partnerships in order to promote the classical music from Brazil abroad, and international projects in Brazil. I will take to the event some selected projects that exemplify the classical music produced in Brazil nowadays and in previous eras, thus I would like to meet music managers, concert organizers and musicians interested in get in touch with the Brazilian classical music scene.

We book and promote a selected cast of musicians, in a variety of styles like Brazilian Instrumental Music, Classical, Contemporary Brazilian Music, Baroque, Early Music, Bossa Nova, Brazilian Choro, Jazz, Flamenco, World Music and others.

Additionally, we work on the production of live concerts and festivals, musical activities for groups and on the assistance of companies that want to invest in cultural marketing, through the development of specific musical projects, sponsorship and correct use of cultural tax incentives that are available in Brazil.

Acalanto Produções is a member of BMA (Brazil Music and Arts), association that, in partnership with Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Agency of Promotion of Exports and Investments), has the objective to be connecting Brazilian music companies with international companies and generating business opportunities.

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